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5 Common Mistakes That First Time Home Buyers Commit – and How to Avoid Them

You are trading the world of buying apartments and condos for one of the biggest financial commitments of your life – your first home. You have researched form the internet, scoped the neighborhood, found your dream open plan kitchen, custom bedroom and saved for your down payment.

However, as the process unfolds you quickly find yourself confused and overwhelmed – and soon enough your idyllic dream for a first homes turns into a burdensome nightmare.

This scenario could have been avoided had you been aware of these common mistakes and how you can avoid them:

1. Doing It on Your Own

So maybe you have decided to save on time and money by looking for and buying a home yourself.

However, there are some things that you simply need the help of a professional with, and home buying is certainly one of them. Real estate agents have the know-how and will provide you with valuable information about a particular neighborhood, such as average utility rates, social amenities and security.

Beyond helping you while you navigate the twists and turns during the searching process, a real estate will also provide you with valuable resources at a flat rate that end up saving you energy, time and money in the long run.

In addition to seeking referrals, you should do your own research into the agent online. You can learn more about a potential agent through a Google search – allowing you to make a decision on whether they could be a fit or not.

2. Avoiding Budget Talks before Shopping

Discussing personal finances can be an uncomfortable activity for a lot of people – however, it is important to have realistic understanding of where you financially are before looking for your first home.

It is important noting that buying a home requires a serious work ethic, so make sure you have prepared yourself for future costs and you also have an honest view of where you are financially before committing.

Beyond being disappointed by finding the perfect home that you cannot afford, you might also run into woes down the line if you cannot afford the house when all the monthly bills start coming in.

3. Expecting your Dream Home

A lush private garden in the backyard. A fully fitted gym house. An expansive infinity swimming pool. In a perfect world, you could have all this in your inaugural home.

However, chances are that you won’t- and as your search continues, you may want to compromise on those must-haves that you thought were deal breakers. First-time home buyers need to understand that their first home is not going to be perfect.

it is necessary to talk to your agent about your preferred amenities, such as how many bedrooms you want among other preferences. It is also important to attend open weeks to expand your definitions of your home.

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4. Opening a Credit Line before the Sale is Final

Hold off on that new furniture set until you have actually moved in. Why? Because most lenders are going to check your debt load before closing, and if you are on the hook for a massive last-minute purchase, it could “kill a deal”.

Most loans are approved based on a specific debt-to-income ratio and minimum credit score. So keep everything status quo. Wait until after closing to open new credit accounts or charge furniture, appliances, or tools to your existing credit cards. Do not about changing your job yet. Pay your bills on time and keep your money tight.

5. Being Emotional Rather Than Visionary

It is likely that you will find an apartment you could buy, simply fall in love with it and decide that you want that home and only that home. This can result in bad decisions. While buyers cannot afford to be overly critical, it is important to consider the long-term usability of a home.

Some homeowners will throw down some serious cash to have professionals come and stage their homes with the intent of having you fall in love with their interior design. Keep in mind, this may be done to distract you from identifying some flaws like the safety of the neighborhood or a less-than-desirable location.

Approach each home with a level head and an open mind, and you should be able to strike a balance between affordability and ingenuity.

Check if the layout of the home works well for your needs, how much your family is likely to grow, the neighborhood before making the final decision. The last thing you want to do is buy a home and find out in one year that it was a bad decision

If you are considering, buying your first home, contact Villa Care Limited – we can help you determine how much home you can afford, help with pre-approvals and ensure you are not falling prey to some of the common mistakes made by first time home buyers.

5 Reasons To Attend An Open Week – Even If You Are Not Buying

real estate listing

Perusing an online real estate listing can be nothing less than addictive. You have probably spent time scouring the internet, ogling homes for sale that you do not intend – or cannot afford – to buy. Because it’s fun!

However, would you ever hop in the car and go attend an open week in person, even if you are not ready to make an offer? An open week is an important step in every home-buying journey – it can provide valuable information for your future home buying experience.

 Whether you are potential buyer searching for homes for sale or you are simply curious, we believe you should attend an open week, even if you are not ready to buy. Here are six solid reasons to hit up an open week;

Open Week gives you home-buying practice

Buying a home is always a big deal, even if you have done it before. It takes attention to detail and time-consuming research to perfect your home-searching skills. However, attending an open week allows you to practice critical home-buying abilities and give you an idea about the ins and outs of the local housing market.

You get comfortable with the home search process and learn what to look for during a home tour. Also, finding out the prices of comparable homes and current trends at open week can be valuable information if you are thinking of buying a house or putting your home out on the market.

You quickly understand the kind of home you can afford

Suppose you are looking for a big, nice home in the neighbourhood of your dreams. You believe it is a realistic goal and you get excited when you see an online listing that meets your expectations.

Asking prices might be in your range. The photos might be eccentric. Unfortunately, you do not always figure what you can afford out until you are really deep in the process of house hunting, perhaps with your heart set on a dream home that will drain your finances and make you house-poor.

However, until you attend the open week, you won’t really know what you are getting for the price. It helps you get a grip on what you can realistically expect to find in your budget.

An open week is an effective way to develop home-buying instincts.

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You get to see the real estate agents in action

If you are not a serious home buyer yet, you probably do not have a real estate agent. When it is time to choose an agent to help you buy or sell your home, your open week experience will help you make a wise choice.

Even if you do not find your dream home, you might actually meet your dream agent. What a better way to interview the candidate who could represent you on either side of the transaction than by seeing them in action?

An open week presents a great opportunity to get multiple face-to-face appointments with potential agents. Be alert to whether the agent engages you when you first come in or he is too busy to acknowledge to help you.

Get a feel of the neighbourhood

If you are looking into buying a house in a new unfamiliar community, browsing for a few months can tell you a lot about the demographics of the neighbourhood and what the area has to offer.

Plus, checking out a bunch of open houses will give you a sense for who primarily lives there – i.e. families, singles or retirees, whether the neighbourhood is abuzz with block parties and other events, or if it is mostly quiet.

You will also get to meet other prospective buyers, and learn where they are relocating from and what they are looking for in their new community.

Of course buyers do some in every demographic, but sometimes the patterns can be surprisingly different.

You get to meet your competition

If you are putting your home on the market, it is important to know the optimum selling price.

Traffic at an open week is the right gauge to determine whether the sellers have found a sweet spot with their price – since a new listing attracts multiple visitors when priced correctly.

Throughout the open week, you can diligently find out what similar homes look like, their condition based on maintenance, amenities and other features.

On the other hand, if you are a buyer, the number of visitors will help you determine how quickly you might need to pounce when you decide you are ready.

An open week can motivate you to start your home buying process

If you plan to buy a home but you have been putting it off, an open week will motivate you into action. There is a high chance you will fall in love with a home during the open week tour. However, you cannot make a legitimate offer without a mortgage pre-approval.

You might not even know how much you can afford. The disappointment, however, should motivate you to be prepared for the next open week.

Our real estate agents can help you find the home of your dreams and make the buying or selling process as easy and stress free as possible. Drop in during our open week at Kitisuru Terraces to have an experience with us. To secure your spot, reach us at:  0724 – 002 605

Top 10 Tips to Successful Home Buying


Buying a property is probably the biggest investment you will ever make – with long-term financial ramifications. It also calls for an informed decision and good advice from a real estate professional.

However, the real estate process can seem daunting, especially for a first-time home buyer. With the current real estate market, most people are uncertain of how to move forward with the home buying process.

Many potential home owners are to a great extent looking out for tips and advice to help them make the home buying process easier.

From the financing to pre-approval process and offer presentations, here are top home buying tips we believe everyone should know before they decide to purchase a home:

1.Research is the key to discovery

Property sellers will not call you with offers to buy a maintenance free-home with wonderful mortgages. You have to find the gems yourself! Reading available materials, talking to experts, and spending time looking at different homes and neighbourhoods will help you end up with your American dream home.

Looking for your home begins with carefully assessing your values, wants and needs, both for the short term and long-term.

2. Make a plan and get pre-qualified

Developing a home buying pan will help you focus on the important factors and organize the entire process. Loan pre-qualifying helps you determine the home price you can afford and presents you as a genuine prospect to the seller.

Planning and getting pre-qualified will keep you out of the panic mode and allow you to take advantage of opportunities. It also saves you both time and money.

3. Hire your agent

A typical real estate transaction involves a dozen separate individuals – from mortgage brokers, to insurance assessors, to buyer’s agents, bakers, inspectors and a number of other individuals whose actions and decisions have to be orchestrated in order to get a home sale closed.

It is the role of your real estate agent to expertly coordinate all these professionals involved in your home purchase and to act as the advocate for you and your interests throughout.

4. Create your top 5 list of amenities

When shopping for a home, list all the features – lounge, private yard, etc., that are most important to you in deciding on which home to buy. Establishing your desires early enough will save you time shopping for inappropriate homes and will also keep you from buying a home on a whim.

Remember, your top reason for buying a home should be the value you are getting.

5. Sign a contract that protects you

Make sure that the contract you decide to put your house on allows you to arrange financing, inspect the home and negotiate any problems that you uncover.

Ensuring that the contract you sign will minimize potential legal battles plus much more.

6. Put yourself in the seller’s shoes

As a potential home buyer, you are about to make one of the most important decisions that will affect both your life and that of the seller. Take your time to understand why the seller bought the home, their reasons for selling the said property, as well as the home improvements they have or have not made.

This gives you a better position to evaluate the home and negotiate a better end. In the end, the home buying process excludes the professionals and comes down to the individuals buying and selling the home.

7. Secure financing

One of the biggest decisions to make before putting a contract on a home is how to finance the purchase. While you may find the thought of owning a home thrilling, the thought of taking on a mortgage may be downright chilling.

Most first-time buyers start out confused about the process and making such a large financial commitment. Create a chart that lists different types of fees, loans, and all least three mortgage providers.

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8. Perform due diligence

Unlike most major purchases, once you finally buy a home, you cannot return it if it does not eventually work out like you expected. That is why home owner’s insurance and property inspections are so important.

A home owner’s insurance policy protects you against loss or damage to the property itself and liability in case of injuries within your property.

Paying for a qualified home inspection before you buy a home is not just spending “a little extra” for peace of mind – it is absolutely essential for anyone who does not want to spend thousands of dollars for repairs.

9. Protect your investment

To protect you both as a buyer, as well as the seller, it is advisable to purchase a home protection plan. A home protection plan, or a home warranty, is a service contract, normally for one year, which protects homeowners against the cost of unexpected repairs or replacement of their major systems and appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear.

Also, throughout the course of your home-buying experience, you have probably spent a lot of time with your real estate agent and you have gotten to know each other fairly well. There is no reason to throw all that trust and rapport out the window just because the deal has closed. In fact, your agent wants you to keep in touch.

10. Attend open weeks and think long-term

Once you have narrowed down the neighbourhoods, attend a few open weeks. Looking at homes that are up for sale – even if they are not a perfect fit for you – is a great way to learn more about the area. When you do eventually find a house you love, you will know how your place compares to better or worse homes in that neighbourhood.

When it comes to buying, a good strategy is to find the most affordable house in the best neighbourhood. If you buy at the bottom of the price range in a good neighbourhood, you will have more room to build home value.

Visit us during our Kitisuru Open Week on 26th August – 1st September from 8:00Am -6:00pm for an amazing open week experience. To secure your spot, call us on: 0724 – 002 605 or simply visit our website.

4 Crucial Factors You Must Consider Before Buying A Luxurious Home – Martha’s Success Story

Luxurious Home
Six years ago, Martha – a single mother of three decided to embark on a house hunting mission for a luxurious home.

Sadly, she had just lost her husband a year earlier. As the sole bread winner, the burden of taking care of her young children fell on her.

The rent, school fees, outstanding loans and other responsibilities were now becoming a burden. And with the rent being so far behind, Martha new that she had to give herself and her family the assurance of a good home.

Her late husband was in the process of securing a better home for his family. Martha knew she had to honor the memory of her husband by making his vision a reality.

Wisely, four years ago she had quit corporate Kenya to invest in a car rental and eatery business.

With time and a lot of financial discipline, she started saving enough to clear the outstanding rent arrears, pay the school fees and take care of other responsibilities.

One thing Martha new for sure is that she wanted to get a luxurious home within Nairobi for the sake of her kids.

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The home she wanted would have to be located in an area where the roads were good, plenty of amenities, a good school and close to her business located in Westlands.

One day while going through some real estate companies in Kenya, she stumbled on a house that completely changed her life.

Not only was the house located in a safe and secure neighborhood, it had everything she wanted and more!

There was a link road connecting straight to her businesses in Westlands and village market. Moreover, there were at least three very well performing schools her children could attend.

Fortunately, there was an open week and this would be the perfect opportunity for her to get a firsthand account of the property. She did not want to get a raw deal or worse be conned hence the need to see it for herself. More importantly, she wanted to know if she could secure a reasonable payment plan.

During the open week, Martha was able to get a good perspective of the home and need I say, she was NOT disappointed.

The 4 bedroom house was sufficient enough for her kids and herself. Since Martha loves whipping up a good meal, the kitchen was fitted with a pantry and breakfast area.

This meant she had plenty of room to cook meals with her kids and enjoy them either in the kitchen yard or the spacious dining hall.

What about the bedrooms? All master en-suite! Sleep time would definitely be something to look forward to.

Martha also wanted to enroll in a gym as she had put on some weight. However, there was no need to pursue this as her dream home had not only a gym but also a swimming pool area.

The backyard also had a barbeque area. This was perfect because her son had spent many Saturday afternoons preparing ‘nyama choma’ with his late father. What a perfect way to keep his memory alive!

With only two units remaining, Martha just new this home was destined to be hers.

After a week of consultation and paper work, the deal was sealed! Martha was now the proud owner of one of the palatial homes in the Kitusuru Terraces.

Martha admits that she had no regrets purchasing this home and is proud she was able to complete the work her husband had begun.

Looking back, her decision to buy this home was influenced by 4 critical factors.

She evaluated each of these before making a lifelong investment for herself and her family.

  1. Location is everything

If you are like Martha, one of the factors that should influence your decision is the location of the house.

When looking for property listings, ensure that the luxurious home you want is conveniently located close to your business/work.

This will help you beat the dreadful Nairobi city traffic and navigate seamlessly between work and home. Also consider if the location is ideal for your children in terms of their schools.

Just like Martha, make sure there is guaranteed 24-hour security in the area.

  1. Presence of Amenities

Buying a home isn’t just for you. It’s also for your family. You have to think about what schools your children will go to, the nearby hospitals you can visit, shopping centers, good roads etc.

Therefore, it’s not just about you wanting to live in the Kenya luxury real estate, you have to consider how easily you can access basic human needs.

If the property doesn’t meet these needs, don’t invest because you will regret the decision down the line.

  1. Reasonable Payment Plan

Before buying a luxury home always examine whether they have reasonable payment plans.

When working with a bank or any other financier, study the loan interest rates, period of repayment, monthly payments among other factors.

Look for a bank with the cheapest mortgage rates as well as penalties. Also get a bank that has a speedy application process and what additional costs you might incur such as legal and valuation fees.

  1. Size Matters

How big is your family? How many bedrooms will you need? Is the kitchen, living room and yard big enough?

These questions will help you influence your decision to purchase a home. Consider if the rooms are many and big enough to comfortably accommodate each family member.

Additionally, evaluate whether the size of the living room is spacious enough to fit your furniture. The kitchen also needs to have adequate space for food storage and meal preparation among other house features.

In summary…

Buying a luxurious home in upmarket Kenya is a very possible reality. And with information at the click of a button, it makes the process of buying ten times easier.

However, you must be as proactive as Martha and go beyond your computer or phone screen to the actual location.

Remember that seeing is believing. Ultimately, this will help you make the right decision in getting a good house.

Attend our Kitisuru Open Week on 26th August – 1st September and experience the splendor of luxurious living.

To secure your spot, call us on: 0724 – 002 605

Or simply visit our website on: Kitisuru Terraces (under Sigimo Enterprises).

See you then.


Esther Kamau works as a Communications & Social Media Coordinator at Homes Kenya Ltd. To engage with her please email

How To Have A Competitive Edge In Today’s Real Estate Market

The real estate market is rapidly becoming a densely populated field and a fiercely competitive one for that matter.

There will be plenty of competing pressures across your property market and within your territory – other agents chasing your business and your clients; your clients will likely be influenced by the confusing pressures of the market and the economy. 

Facing this growing competition and reduced customer demand, brokers and agents need a huge investment in technology and selling strategies that do two main things for prospects – improve speed and convenience.

There are plenty of ways to get ahead of the game – you just have to be creative and forward-thinking.

Here are a few useful hints to help give your real estate business a competitive advantage and come out on top.

1. Set up a dynamic website for your real estate agency

In this day and age, you are almost certainly losing business if you do not have a company website.

However, simply having a website is not necessarily enough to win your new prospects. To be truly effective, ensure you have a dynamic website that captivates the attention of web visitors within the first few minutes of landing on your page.

Additionally, it must be easy to comprehend and navigate – you want it to easily convey your message and effectively answer any questions or concerns your prospective clients may have.

2. Accelerate research and visits

With more and more properties in today’s market, many potential buyers lack the time to tour buildings in person. A property visit can take a long time to schedule, and more often than not, does not provide enough information for the buyer to make a confident same-day decision.

You can easily solve these time-consuming hurdles in the buyer journey with a few user-friendly, readily available technology tools designed to inform and engage prospects over convenient digital channels.

3D photos and virtual tours, for instance, offer a real-time view of the property before the buyer schedules a visit thus saving you time and doing the job of multiple gents at once.

Eventually, when they do come for a visit, they have more knowledge of the property and better prepared to make a confident decision.

3. Your marketing should never stop

Generally, each organization has at least that one thing that makes them stand out amongst the competition. Do not expect your prospects to automatically know what that is – show them and tell them!

Point out the unique, value-added services you provide and highlight what it is that makes your organization different from all the others. Perhaps it is a more comprehensive start-to-finish service, or that you employ cutting edge software that allows you to provide highly detailed reports on demand.

While factors like reputation and location translate into advantages, so does technology. Agents who employ modern technologies that can save time for prospects, create conveniences in the buying process, and offer a greater level of information about a property will stand out and win more listings.

4. Leverage your property’s visual media

Chances are that you work with a lot of incredibly beautiful properties. Why not showcase some of your best features by sharing them through rich visual media?

Post lots of high-resolution photos and videos on your website, blog, and across all your active social media channels. Go a step ahead and make customized videos in which you discuss some of your services to draw prospects in and show them why you are the property management company they should choose to work with.

5. Provide value

One of the best ways to win new clients and retain existing ones is by continually learning what their needs and wants are and then addressing them.

Understand their questions or concerns and provide them with ample resources to meet those needs. This can be done through a comprehensive FAQ on your website, helpful articles on your company blog, engagement through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter and video tutorials.

The more value and benefit you provide to your clients and prospects, the more loyal they will be to your business.

>>> Search for properties here

6. Offer superior service

Gain that competitive edge by employing tools within your organization that will help keep you and your team organized and on top of things – which is critical in the fast-paced real estate industry.

Tools like property management software will help you streamline business processes, improve internal and external communication and ultimately increase your clients’ satisfaction levels.

Your clients will see that you can meet all of their needs in a timely, professional and organized manner, thus setting you apart from others in the market.

To be clear, winning in this market involves attention to detail, proper guidance and quick action. That does not mean your prices. Your company needs to have some special angle – some compelling value proposition – to stand out and prove to prospective investors that your solution is the right one. That is where your competitive edge comes in.

The 6 Best Practices of Property Management in Kenya Today

If you have been in the property management industry, you know that it is more than just collecting rent, dealing with evictions or preparing lease agreements.

Over the years, property management in Kenya has significantly embraced people and asset management as part of its mandate.

This is why it is prudent for you as a property manager to start using these 6 best practices. These will ensure you effectively manage property whether commercial or rental.

1. Advanced ICT systems

The world is rapidly moving from a traditional to a digital era. Systems that ease workload and simplify complex tasks are being adopted.

More companies and individuals are now investing in understanding the ever-changing ICT systems as a way of marketing and bringing in business.

These systems simplify asset valuation tasks, leads management, acquisitions among others.

By investing in computer-based property management systems, you will have a much easier time managing tasks like collection and record of payments as well as targeted online advertising.

2. Invest In a Powerful Social Media Strategy

How well is your social media helping you acquire new tenants? Do you feel your social media strategy is effective enough as it is?

If the answer is no, then you could be losing out on great leads. Setting up a powerful social media strategy campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest and Instagram will expose your property to thousands if not millions of potential clients.

Investing in targeted advertising by promoting new and existing properties, creating a fan page of property listings and customer testimonials will result in a growing online clientele.

>>> Get to know about existing properties and new affordable listings here.

It is also recommended to invest in social media scheduling and analytics tools. This will help you determine where your audiences are coming from, their age, demographics, best times to post and what time most users are active.  

A good social media marketing strategy should be part of your marketing plan in order to not only attract but keep high quality tenants.

3. Recruit Knowledgeable and Qualified Staff

Having a staff that is competent in property management should be top of your agenda.

A staff skilled in asset management issues such leases, property management laws, overseeing property resources is a valuable addition to any team.

Invest in adequately training your staff on property management but also on customer service skills like communication and problem-solving skills.

4. Conduct Quality Tri-annual Property Inspection

As a property manager, carrying out a routine inspection of property is parallel to increased business and high property rating.

An inspection of property at least three times a year will take care of any repairs and upgrades needed.

Well maintained properties are appealing for potential clients who come for viewing.

Always have an inspection and maintenance schedule that will help you keep a record of renovations made as well as act as a point of future reference.  

5. Attract and Retain The Best Tenants

Arguably, the most important part of property management is ensuring you attract and retain the best tenants.

This practice will help you get tenants who pay their rent on time, abide by the rules of the property and communicate any issues in a timely manner.

So how do you attract these law-abiding tenants?

Whereas there are tens of ways to attract high quality tenants, one of the most successful ways is by putting out an appealing property listing.

Make sure the listing answers questions in the mind of the buyer like the price, location, features, contact etc.

The information should be personalized to appeal to the needs of quality tenants with a very clear call to action such as “only two units remaining, call us now on …”.

6. How Frequently Do You Communicate With Tenants?

You must always establish constant and frequent communication with your tenants.

Tenants are always keen on reaching out to property managers who keep their lines of communication open.

Communication skills are vital for your success as a property manager because you will be able to listen, understand and meet the needs of the tenant.

And even after the potential client has been sold in, maintaining regular communication, payment details, services and so on will ensure the tenants lengthened stay.

That said…

If you can master these 6 profit-oriented property management practices, there’s no reason you should not start making significant milestones.

In this digital era, focus on creating a strong property management brand online. This strategy will not only ease your workload but also edify all your other campaigns.

And if you are looking for top notch customer centric property managers who will help you secure the best properties, please get unlimited information here.

Top 4 people’s choice residential properties at the October 2018 Kenya Homes Expo

The Kenya Homes Expo is the region ’s biggest homes show, bringing a wealth of expertise harnessed for over 13 years. Targeting the entire African region with a major focus on East & Central Africa, the Kenya Homes Expo is an experiential platform that creates a level ground for real estate players to converge with a ready market for land, homes, financial advice and general real estate information.

The event is held twice a year in the months of April and October respectively. We had the opportunity to put a stand and showcase our properties. We received an excellent reception from homeowners as well as people looking to become homeowners. We amazed our visitors with our extensive portfolio that caters for a wide range of property types and most importantly affordability without compromising on quality and flexible payment options.

The Homes show was from the 11th -14th  of October 2018, over these 3 days we had thousands of inquiries ranging from commercial property to residential and land. We took the opportunity to tally the properties that drew the most attention and 4, in particular, were clear favourites at the expo, we have listed them below in no particular order

Summer Breeze

These are luxury  3 bedroom and 5 bedroom penthouse apartments located in Kilimani. What made this apartment one of the favourites features such as:

  • Carbonized Bamboo Floor
  • Large open-plan kitchen with breakfast area
  • Gypsum ceiling with recess downlights


One General Mathenge

These are newly built super luxurious 3 and 4 bedrooms all ensuite. The development features a one bedroom per floor set up. Key features that made the property a favourite are:

  • 3 heated swimming pools
  • 4 Parking Spaces
  • Games rooms

Runda Mimosa mansion

Found in the heart of Runda is this 5 bedroom house with an SQ. It is conveniently located to all social amenities in the area making it an ideal home. The features that made it a favourite are:

  • An expansive balcony
  • A fireplace
  • Manicured garden for the family
  • Garage for 2 cars

Blue water resort

These holiday homes are located in Diani, They are 3bedroom all en-suite fully furnished villas with an open kitchen, large outdoor area for events, beautiful granite floor,  Air Conditioner in all the rooms, pantry and breakfast room.

The features that made it stand out are the activities that are in close proximity such as:

  • Skydiving
  • Snookering
  • Kite Surfing
  • Jet Skiing


Take the opportunity to book a viewing for yourself at any of these properties and see what stands out for you. We have an extensive portfolio you are sure to find a home with us.

Why invest in Komarock heights

Komarock heights is a middle-class residential estate found in the East lands side of Nairobi.

The area is made up several estates that have courts inside. Komarock is a gated community that offers security and convenience to anyone living there.
All the necessary amenities are available within the estate such as schools, numerous pubs, clubs, restaurants, supermarkets that include; Naivas supermarket, chemists, hospitals that include; Komarock Medical Centre, Gertrude’s children hospital, Komarock Modern Healthcare, saloons, beauty parlors and hotels.
Komarock accommodates the full spectrum of properties from high end to low-end properties.

We know you care about security, and we set security as the main priority in Komarock Heights. With high perimeter walls, electric fence, lit pavements and manned gates you can be assured your family will be living in a green secure environment. Security is offered privately by the housing association to all the tenants.

The estates have cleaners and sweepers that take care of the common areas every day and the community incurs an affordable service charge.

One of the best real estates projects to be completed in the area is Komarock Heights. It set the standard for luxury living. They are new 2 and 3 bedroom projects that hold 20 apartments. There are a total of 1272 beautifully designed apartments. The development will be implemented in 3 phases with Phase 1 already complete.

Some of the Key Features that set it apart from the rest include:
• 2 and 3 bedroomed apartments
• Separate dining area
• En-suite master bedroom
• Common shower and separate WC
• All bedrooms with built-in wardrobes
• Dhobi areas with enclosed gas cylinder chambers
• Lifts to all floors
• Solar water provision
• Handicap accessible units
• Backup water supply from a borehole
• Gated compound with controlled single entry and exit for enhanced security
• Ample green landscaped areas with children’s playground

They offer very favorable payment plans that are flexible to your capacity. See more details here.

Komarock heights offers lucrative investment opportunities because of the high demand for housing in the area as well as its strategic location and best of all, “Haziko on Riparian land”

Why you should invest in Land in 2018

“Buy land because they’re not making anymore of it”. Fredrick Mtawali

Land is a commodity that will always be on high demand but regardless of demand its is one commodity that more of it can not be made. This means the more the demand for land the higher the prices get.

Below are reasons why you should invest in land

1. Choices on investment

Land can be used for several options that will suit anyone’s needs and ambitions.

  • Residential and commercial buildings: You can rent, sell or even develop the land depending on your financial expectations and ability. Renting out the land and allowing a residential building to be constructed means you’ll be getting a steady income and increase the land’s value.
  • Selling the land to commercial or residential investors for added value after some years is also a very popular option that guarantees you get a very nice profit from the investment you made.
  • Farming and livestock Keeping: Many land owners who buy land have the option of renting it out for farming purposes. This helps the land owner in generating money from rent as well as appreciation of the land over time.

2. Land never depreciates

Land has no depreciation value that makes it a great real estate investment strategy. Land doesn’t have a depreciation value because it can’t be easily destroyed, moved or affected negatively. So when investing in land, an investor is able to rely solely on appreciation.

3. Fewer Management Issues

The major difference between buying land and residential property is that land doesn’t need any maintenance or attention while properties require a lot of work and time.

4. Land is Scarce

When you buy land you will be the owner of an investment that is limited. With overpopulation around the world, empty lands are becoming even more limited with every passing year.

5. Fewer Expenses

Owning a land has the lowest expenses in real estate investments because you avoid utilities, pay fewer taxes and fewer mortgages

Looking to Buy land, below are some of the editors choices:

  1. Plot for sale in Utawala
  2. Plot for sale in Lower Kabete
  3. Plot for sale Thika Green
  4. Plot for sale in Runda Mimosa
  5. Plot for sale in Rongai

Land as a real estate investment strategy is possibly one of the best options out there for people who are not cut out for the hard work of residential real estate properties.

13 Myth about real estate in Kenya in 2018

1.Real estate agents are paid a salary

Despite what many think, the public is horribly confused about how agents make a living.

There must be a salary floating in the background that supports agents — after all, how is it that they can appear so well-groomed, professional and polished while hosting lavish broker events, open houses or other marketing activities, showing customers around town all day and buying them lunch?

Attention perpetual house shoppers and sellers just testing the market: the agent’s time and expenses are 100 percent on them.



2. The agent keeps all the commission

Everyone needs to understand that commission is legally paid to the agent’s employing company, which in turns pays the agent.

Depending on what side the agent is representing (buyer or seller), their brokerage will earn the listing or selling side commission.

No matter what the commission is, the amount paid to the agent is not the entire commission the company takes its portion and then the agent gets his or her split.

There are usually additional fees that come off the top of the gross amount of commission being paid.


3. The typical commission is 6 percent, right?

All commissions are negotiable and vary according to a variety of factors with type of property, price and such in my market.

Every market is different.


4.An agent’s transportation expenses are reimbursed

If only real estate brokerages had a “transportation fund” to reimburse agents for these things.

The trips to show a buyer homes when a new one hits the market.T he three days spent driving all over town with a relocating buyer who decides not to end up moving

The trips to a listing, prepping for showings, and continually checking on the vacant property; or meeting vendors contractors, photographers,  none of it is paid for by anyone but the agent.


5. Marketing expenses aren’t the agent’s responsibility

Think about the video production, 3-D tours, digital marketing campaigns, websites, broker open house events, the design and printing of brochures.

Marketing is done by — your real estate agent who didn’t ask the seller to contribute one dime, even after agreeing to discount commission.


6.A home passes or fails inspection

An inspection is meant to assess the condition of a home. An inspector doesn’t “pass” or “fail” a home.

They will provide a report explaining all issues along with a summary of the age of key systems such as plumbing, electric, and the roof along with an estimate of economic life remaining on those systems.


7.Weekends bring out the most serious buyers

Contrary to popular belief, weekends don’t usually bring out the most serious and ready-to-buy buyers. Open houses and other open-to-the-community events tend to bring voyeurs, nosy neighbours and curiosity seekers interested in looking at decorating ideas and how other people live.

The most serious showings tend to happen during the week. In many markets, it is usually too late to wait until the weekend to look at any properties of interest.

8.It is better to price a home on the high side as the seller can always come down

This is one of the most common myths in real estate. Sellers want to protect their asking price so they think overpricing it is an effective defence mechanism against selling too low.

Overpricing your home often leads to the home sitting and not receiving much interest. If a home is priced competitively from the beginning, the chances of attracting optimal traffic from the beginning greatly increase.

9.When making an offer on a home, you need to start with a low offer

Just as sellers make the mistake of overpricing, buyers often make the mistake of wanting to start with a really low offer.

Although there is nothing wrong with negotiating, if the home is priced within range, a very low offer won’t be taken seriously.

10.The longer a home has been in the market, the more negotiable the deal

Property that lags on the market is likely sitting due to its asking price as well as its layout, location or condition.

An awkward layout or poor location can also play a role. The seller may also be unrealistic about their asking price

11.Multiple price reductions mean the seller is desperate to sell

If a home has had multiple price reductions, that must mean the seller desperately needs to sell.

Price reductions are made to bring the property in line with current comparable, price it to be competitive or underprice it to help generate more interest.

When a seller has done several price reductions it means they are through with negotiation.

12.Multiple offers give the sellers an advantage

If a seller receives more than one offer and decides to counteroffer all buyers, that increases their leverage and the likelihood of selling for top dollar.

Maybe but maybe not.

Not every home is a must-have in every market, and there will always be another property that becomes available.

As a seller, if you play this card wrong, you could end up having the entire situation backfire and be forced to watch all the buyers walk away.

13.All agents are the same

No two agents are the same, nor is their approach to real estate. The people often put all agents into the same bunch and considers them a commodity without really taking the time to study the differences in their approach, presentation and achievements.

As in every profession or organization, there are those who are committed to excellence, devote endless amounts of time and energy to working with buyers and sellers and are highly adept problem solvers. Others simply march to lower standards and do the bare minimum to get by.

Just as some attorneys and physicians are better than others, so are real estate agents. Some are more resourceful, responsive and creative.